Big Chop No. 2

I first big chopped in March 2012 whilst living in London, England.  For months I had been contemplating taking the plunge back to my natural hair texture when suddenly on 12 March 2012 I woke up around 6 AM and began to trim every relaxed strand on my head, which was almost the entire length of my hair save for the 1 to 1.5 inches of new growth I had that had not yet met its death at the hand of a hair relaxer.

Most people whom I’ve told that story to often ask if I had a Britney Spears moment, you know, Britney’s 2012 meltdown which, is by the way, not a laughing matter (and in no way would I make light of of the singer’s unfortunate moment in the spotlight).  No, I wouldn’t compare my first big chop to that particular moment. I didn’t have a meltdown or breakdown.  I simply wanted to be freed of my thin, frail, damaged relaxed hair.

The moment all of my relaxed hair was gone was I felt liberated, exhilarated yet frightened all at once.  I was anxious to see what my hair texture was like and whether it would turn out like the YouTubers whose natural hair videos I had become fixated on.

534100_10150588484242134_639334589_nFor the next six years I would loyally continue to wear my natural hair.  However, in my profession as a corporate commercial litigation lawyer afros and kinky-curls are not highly accepted.  The drawback throughout this time is that I would wear my hair in a stretched state and almost always in a bun (high or low) or as my hair grew, a ponytail.  With a busy schedule, the hair dryer and flat iron became my best friends on ‘wash day’ but soon I started to notice the harsh side effects – dry damaged ends that won’t revert to its natural kinky-curly state.

So around February 2018 I cut about 1 inch off.  I wore kinky twist extensions for about six weeks and when I took that style down I cut another inch or two off.  I then wore rope twist extensions for another six weeks and trimmed another two inches or so after the take down.

A few weeks after that I wanted to feel that liberating feeling I experienced in 2012 so one evening I took a razor and cut the remaining straight/heat-damaged ends.  A razor was easier than a scissors and didn’t leave the cut blunt like a scissor would.


Have you ever cut your hair in a spur of the moment?


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