Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia wasn’t at the top of my list of countries to visit in Asia, save that I was hoping to catch up with former Miss Universe Malaysia 2009.

DSC00666.JPGUnfortunately, I didn’t get around to doing so because I was too busy in the lead up to visiting Kuala Lumpur that I didn”t reach out to her.   I’m glad I decided the go though.  The motivating factor was the low airfare cost and that it was an easy trip to plan.  There isn’t much to do in KL other than shopping and eating.  Some may call Malaysia a gourmand paradise, although I know at least one Singaporean who would object to that statement.

Somehow, Malaysia reminds me of the US. I don’t know if its because of the overhead roads and the wide lanes (compared to Hong Kong where I’m currently living). Whilst not every city in Asia looks like what we westerners think Asian countries should look like I was not expecting Malaysia to look as westernised as it does.  Considering that I live in Hong Kong which has the most skyscrapers in the world (more than New York City), nothing in Asia should surprise me.


My weekend trip was spent atop the hop-on-hop-off bus, which I must say is the easiest way to get around to see the sites in KL.  I also spent some time in the markets and shopping malls (the bus stops there too).  Be careful with buying clothing in the markets.  Always check what you’re buying especially clothing, very carefully.  One particular item I wanted to buy was just not sewn right. Luckily I tried it on because otherwise I wouldn’t have realised that it just wasn’t properly sewn and also a little too short.  The other was a one size fit all dress which, lets just say fits everyone except those who would normally wear a small or medium.  Don’t stay away from the markets entirely because there’s a galore of items to purchase, from handmade china to hand made jewelry and paintings and all at bargain prices.

Would I visit Malaysia again Of course, but next time I would go to George Town.  Have you ever visited Kuala Lumpur?

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