Getting back into the gym after a break

I have just started back in the gym after not working out for two months due to being sick, travelling and otherwise busy.  It is typically difficult making the time to work out but I try my best to do so at least three times per week.

This week, I finally made it back to the gym after this short hiatus.  Naturally, I am taking things slow.  I do have to ease myself back into the whole process.  Its an entire routine.  I have to get my mind right and in the zone to want to work out again.  I have to work up the desire and appetite.  It takes a lot of energy to stay wanting to work out.  The sad thing is, if you miss a few sessions, let alone a couple of months, then that is it.  Its usually difficult to get back on track and you almost always have to start over.  That is why it is important to stay consistent with your workout routine.


I didn’t really have to push myself to get to the gym on the very first day, but during the actual workout session I was constantly giving myself little pep talks.  After about ten minutes on the elliptical I wanted to stop.  Not even the Wendy Williams show I was watching on YouTube was doing enough to keep me distracted me from thinking about the actual workout and wanting to stop.  However, I got through it you all, I surely did.

I reminded myself of how unhappy I would be if I stopped after 10 minutes, then after 15 minutes and so on.  By the time I had been on the elliptical for 20 minutes my pep talk changed.  I was now telling myself that surely I could stay on for another two minutes, another 5 minutes and so on.  I even did half of the five minutes cool down session after my 30 minutes workout.  I had told myself that I would stop once the 30 minutes session ended but I went into overtime. Yea me!

My stats on the elliptical (day 1):

Cal/min: 8.5

Distance: 2.60km

Strides/min: 94

Calories 294


During the second session I started out with light training before my cardio session.  I worked my upper body only, my back, triceps and biceps.  I managed to finish three sets of 15 reps on each machine.  The weight was light but enough to make me feel like I was lifting something.  I then completed 15 minutes on the elliptical.  Normally my session on the elliptical is 30 minutes but not only did I have to finish my a certain time to get back to work on time, but I was finding it difficult to motivate myself.  I figured I would go again the next day but I decided to take a break.  I’m happy I did because by the fourth day I was a little sore from the weights I had lifted.

As I said, my aim is to take it slow and work back up to where I had left off at the end of Summer.  I do not intend to go easy on myself for too long though.  I had reached a very good place at the start of September and I’m anxious to get back there.

The funny thing is I did shed some pounds during my hiatus from the gym.  I know you’re going to say its because I lost muscles but I don’t think that’s all it was.  You see, before my break I mainly did cardio.  I had only just started to incorporate light weights into my regimen so I do not believe it was all muscles that I lost.  Also, since I was no longer going to the gym I was being even more cautious about what I eat.  I rarely had any sweets or snacks and dinner was mainly something light like a huge fruit salad – you know what they say, have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. As always, I try to not eat after a certain time.

Have you had to take a long break from the gym before?  How did you get back into your routine?

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