Three of my favourite lipsticks this season

Winter is all about the deeply dark hued lipsticks – the browns, the rich purples and the red wines. My staple lipsticks this season have all of these hues.

It’s amazing that a good lip colour can transform a person’s look even if the rest of that person’s face isn’t made up. For example, on a day where I don’t feel like being made up I would typically do my eyebrows, line my eyes, then apply mascara and concealer under my eyes. It’s takes only a few minutes but if I only have a couple of minutes to spare all I need to do is fix my eyebrows and slap on a bold lippy and I’m ready to go. This helps me to stay Instagram ready even when I’m not fully made up and truth be told, I don’t wear a full face of make up on a daily basis and I like to make my skin breath.

In no particular order, I’ve listed below the three colours that are keeping me photo ready this season.

1. Cover Girl outlast longwear + moisture in Amazing Auburn #955

What I love about this lipstick is the reddish-brown colour. It’s one of those red lipsticks you can wear with anything. It’s a combination of bright and dark red; the perfect balance for Winter. I bought this lipstick online and wasn’t disappointed at all when it arrived. It is exactly what I wanted, a red hue that isn’t so bright that you’d think its Summer.

I do wish that this lipstick was a matte colour but that’s only because I have taken a liking to matte lippies. Because it’s not matte, it is also slightly runny but since I am aware of that I know to keep checking my lips every so often or to gloss my tongue across my teeth to remove any lipstick that might be on them.

2. MAC Antique Velvet #A37

This matte lipstick is my absolute favourite of the three lippies. It’s a richly deep brown hue that compliments everything in my closet.

I try to wear it every chance I get, even to work where nude lipsticks are my go-to. I can get away with this because although this is a rich and deep colour it has a nude effect against my chocolate skin.

I do sometimes have to remind myself that I have other lipsticks. I could see myself wearing this lip colour all through the year. However, in the Spring and Summer  I would probably wear it in the evenings or if I’m going for a vampy look.

My only issue is that because this lipstick is matte it can sometimes feel dry after wearing it for a while. When that happens I usually wipe it off and reapply.

3. NARS velvet lip glide in “Toy”

I’ve been wearing this rich, deep purple lip lacquer since the Summer.  It was actually my go to lip colour then because you can either apply it lightly for a soft look or put on a few coats for a vampy look. I always chose the latter because the purple hue helps to balance out the dark look so that its not too dark to wear on a Summer’s day.

The matching lip liner is a must. It helps to guide you when applying this liquid lip colour so that your pout looks more luscious. It’s the perfect colour to wear during your weekend soirees.

What’s your go to colour this season? Don’t be afraid to share, you just might help me find my next favourite colour.

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