Measures I’m taking to protect my infant against the caronavirus

It is aleady a given that with a young child I will take certain precautions to ensure his health and safety. Doing so is even more important now with Covid-19 on a rampage throughout the world. Many people believe that the virus does not affect children; however, my understanding is that while children are less susceptible to developing the virus, they are not immune to it.

Below are the main practices I hope will help protect my little one against the caronavirus.

Staying at home as much as possible

I’m still on maternity leave so thankfully I do not really have any business outside. I will limit my time in social settings but will take a drive every so often to deter cabin fever. It is helpful that I am no longer living in Hong Kong and back in the Cayman Islands where homes are larger so staying indoors is less daunting. I also drive here, so I do not have to take public transportation like I did in Hong Kong. Additionally, there are less people in the Cayman Islands, so it is less risky venturing outdoors because I do not have to navigate through large crowds to get anywhere.

Keeping the house, play surfaces and baby items clean

This is one of those practices that every parent would have been doing already, and I’m no exception. It is important to keep clean anything that the baby is likely to touch. My bambino is at the stage where he’s touching everything and putting things into his mouth so, it is paramount that I wash his blankets, toys and clothes often and sanitised and disinfect surfaces regularly.

Washing hands thoroughly

This is another thing all parents would have been doing from the birth of their child. Washing their hands before holding my baby is something anyone wanting to hold him has to do regardless of who they are. If they are unable to wash their hands, they must use handsanitiser. It is not good enough to wash from their wrists to fingertips, but also up to their elbows. The 20 seconds rule is also a must. A quick scrub will not do the trick.

Avoiding contact with others and practicing social distancing

Only immediate family are allowed to hold the baby, and that’s after washing their hands and spreading a blanket across their chests. No one else is allowed to come close to or touch him because well, prevention is better than cure, and the last time I checked, there’s no cure for Covid-19.

Protecting myself

It would not be good for my little one if I’m ill and can’t take care of him. So I’m taking care of myself in order to take care of him. It’s like being in a plane and they tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping your child or anyone else. If I am healthy then I can help my child to remain healthy too. The last time I had the flu, which was ages ago, I felt weak and debilitated, so I can only imagine how it might feel to have the caronavirus.

What steps are you taking to protect your child against the caronavirus?

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