Tips for staying productive during the caronavirus lock down

A few weeks ago the world was moving at a dizzying pace. Suddenly, life as we know it has come to a screeching halt. It feels like every country in the world is now requiring its residents to isolate themselves as a means of combating the spread of the caronavirus Covid 19. Although most people are working from home, many now have more free time than ever before.

In the past, many of us craved “me time”, family time, time to chill and binge watch the latest flick or TV show. Now, we not only have the capacity to spend meaningful time with our loved ones but ample time to invest in ourselves.

With the hope that someday in the near future this era of uncertainty will be a distant memory and life will be back to some semblance of normalcy, I’ve listed below a few ways in which you could spend time in isolation and keep productive.

Learn a new skill

There is a plethora of information available online and on YouTube where content creators provide helpful tutorials to assist you with honing a new skill. I always believe that learning a trade will pay dividends and in an economic downturn at least you can still gain an income through your own business or freelance services if you cannot gain employment. Some ideas are:

  • Coding
  • Hairstyling
  • Makeup artist
  • Nail designs
  • Interior decorating
  • Graphic designing
  • Creative writing
  • TV script writing
  • Basic accounting
  • YouTuber
  • Influencers
  • Blogging

Take an online course

Even before Covid 19 caused many colleges and universities to offer classes online, there were several online education providers. It is easier than ever before to join a virtual classroom. From short and long-term courses and certificate programmes to degrees, there is no bounds to what you could study online. Wesbites like is a good place to start.

Screenshot of the Coursera website. Coursera offers a wide variety of free online courses

Brush up on knowledge for your field

While it might be uncertain how badly the economic impact of Covid-19 will be, many anticipate that things will be less than promising. Understandably so, many are worried about their jobs and businesses. However, by up scaling you can help to stay one step ahead of the curve. There might be less jobs in your field in the future but, by using your time wisely now to expand your knowledge, you will be placing yourself at an advantage over other jobseekers when applying for your next job.

Set up your side hustle

This time period might be a pivotal time to assess your side gig. Perhaps you need to decide how to turn your hobby into bankable returns, how to expand your business or maybe you just need to revamp the entire thing. Now is a good time to research and write, review and/or revise your goals and plans.

Learn a new language

Using apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are fun ways to help you learn a new language on the go. You can also find someone online to practice with. Now that most people are at home that should make it a little easier to find someone. Maybe you could tweet or post on IG or Facebook that you’d like to practice speaking whatever language you’re interested in, with someone. I’m sure someone will be willing to chat it up with you while they wait out the pandemic.

Screenshot of the Duolingo app when opening it on my mobile


The world is tumultuous right now. What better way to save money from having to speak with a therapist by submerging yourself into a whole new world.

Start by perusing the New York bestseller’s list but don’t limit yourself to the popular stuff. I have listed below a few novels that are currently on the New York Bestseller’s list. While I have not read any of them but I’ve explained why I’m suggesting them.

  • Blindside by James Patterson and James O. Born. Patterson is longtime favourite author of mine.
  • The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant. I am an LA Lakers fan and Kobe is my favorite player. First published in late 2018 the book has posthumously appeared on the New York bestseller list. It is also available eas an audiobook.
  • The Outsider by Steven King. It’s the king, need I say more?
  • Find your path by Carrie Underwood and Eve Adamson. I thin it would be interesteing to hear what Carrie has to say.

There are some very good reads out there so it’s worth checking out other booklists that are floating around the Internet. For example, Frannie Langston written by Sara Collins has been receiving a plethora of accolades and recognition. Collins is a British novelist who hails from the Cayman Islands. The lawyer turned author is actually someone who motivated my childhood aspirations to become a lawyer. In fact she was even kind enough to have mentored me over lunch as a young lawyer.

Write a book

You may have thought you needed a sabbatical to concentrate on putting pen to paper. Although this period of isolation is not a sabbatical, it is anticipated that we will need to remain isolated for the immediate future. So now is the opportune time to get that book started! You could even simply document your experience during this time. I’m sure people would want to hear interesting stories of your time in isolation.

Just be

When all is said and done, if you simply want to ‘Netflix and chill’ then just do that. You do not have to fill your day with lots to do.

By no means is this list exhaustive but it is just a start to remind you to make use of the time you have now.

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