Three things being a mom is teaching me

Being a mother comes not just with responsibility but life lessons. I am learning a thing or two in my short time as a mother. Below I share three of the life lessons motherhood is teaching me.

1. Slowing down

One of the concepts I initially grappled with as a new mom (and to an extent, still is) is slowing down. I am so used to being busy I am now relearning to slow down, breathe and, prioritize. I have always been someone who is always working on the next thing, or hopping on a plane on a whim, doing what I feel like doing when I feel like without hesitation, and simply put, just getting things done without delay. Having a newborn has slowed me all the way down.

It is more challenging to get things done as quickly as I would have pre-motherhood. I have learned to embrace it though. If I did not do so, I would be miserable everyday when I cannot do all that I set out to do because baby needs more attention that day. While slowing down does not mean that I will no longer be efficient or do the things I used to do before, like travelling or pursuing other personal goals, it means that I have to be even more strategic and intentional in everything I do. It also means that I get to live in the moment more and smell the roses, so to speak. I cannot complain about that.

2. Time management

The former chapters in my life as a banker, student, beauty queen and my current career as a lawyer cumulatively taught me to manage time well, but having a child has made it an art and me the budding artist. Have you ever tried juggling feeding a baby, while eating and responding to an email? It is easy to say do one first then the other, but sometimes that is not possible when baby is hungry, I am starving and have a deadline to get something out. There are also those days when the baby is constantly crying and does not want to play or nap or feed or go to anyone else (not even his dad) but his mama!

I am starting to feel like superwoman over here, and I am sure most mothers do too. Hats off to those mamas with more than one child. I can do so much more on less sleep now than I ever did before. The golden hour is when baby is napping. I have to use that time wisely and get all that I have to do done. Sometimes I have to readjust my expectations for the day and some days despite my best effort I cannot seem to get stuff done but, I am certainly getting there and hope to master time management soon.

3. Being intentional

I am more intentional about what I do. Intentional about purchases, decisions, etc. In fact, those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that intentional is my word for the year. Having a child is helping me to manifest it daily.

It is necessary for me to live intentionally because I now have someone who is counting on me. My every move may have an impact on his wellbeing and future. Therefore I have to ensure that all I do will benefit my desire to provide the best for him.

Are you a mom or dad? What has being a parent taught or is teaching you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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    Yes Ma’am you learn all of this! I was working 60+ hours a week during my daughter’s first 2 years. One of my biggest areas of having to forgive myself was house cleaning. I was always upset with myself that I couldn’t take care of things as quickly as I used to. She’s 3 now and I still can’t but at least she likes helping!

    As you said you will get into your own rhythm and it will constantly change. And it gets more fun once they are talking and more active on their own! Thanks for sharing!

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      Hi India, thank you for your encouraging words, I appreciate it.

      As mothers we can be so hard on ourselves. I’m now back at work (albeit working from home) and I feel guilty everytime I hear my son cry, although he’s in his father’s care.

      It’s good that you have turned some of your tasks into mother and daughter moments. Moments you can cherish forever.

      I’ve realised that the sooner I embrace the change of pace, the less stressful life has become.


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