Having faith in the midst of the storm

How do you continue to have faith in the midst of a storm?

It is during our darkest hour, our heaviest days, our deepest sorrows that we often need to activate our faith. Simlarly, the lessons learned from navigating our trials and tribulations help to establish, cement and strengthen our faith in Christ. Our faith cannot be increased without having first experiencing trauma. Let that sink in.

It is during difficult times we learn how to persevere through Christ.

Just thought I would let that sit on its own so you could thoroughly digest it. But let me reinforce the point: if we have never been tested then we will never know and truly appreciate the power of God. We would have heard of God’s might by reading the Bible or from other peoples’ life experiences, but when you have experienced the mighty act of God in for yourself your will then grow.

We can weather the stormy days by calling upon God. When Jesus and the disciples were in the boat, and Jesus was resting when the storm began to rage, the disciples became afraid. However, they called out to Jesus and he was avle to quite the storm. Truth be told, the disciples didn’t yet fully understand that Jesus was the son of God, but they knew that he would be able to help. They had seen many times before where he healed the sick and raised the dead.

That is what we must do – draw upon our experiences to help us exhibit faith during difficult periods. But how do we have experiences to draw from if we don’t experience anything? So next time you are stressed, under pressure, depressed, suppressed oppressed, or experiencing any of life’s trials, remember, the best way to weather the storm is to trust in God.

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