Me, the mother of an adult child? No thank you!

As a 30 something year old I couldn’t imagine myself with a teenage child, yet alone a young adult child of say, 18 years, calling me mommy. I can’t even imagine a two year old (I assume that’s when a child can speak, i.e. string together sentences) calling me mommy. I still haven’t even gotten […]

Getting back into the gym after a break

I have just started back in the gym after not working out for two months due to being sick, travelling and otherwise busy.  It is typically difficult making the time to work out but I try my best to do so at least three times per week. This week, I finally made it back to […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A few years ago whilst doing a self check exam at home I discovered a small lump in one of my breasts. Thankfully it was tender to the touch so that was a sign that there was likely no reason to worry (my doc says worrisome lumps are usually painless). I immediately had both a […]

Review: Picada – a taste of Latin America in HK

I stumbled upon Picada whilst taking a leisurely walk around Central with my other half one Sunday afternoon.  I was enticed by the pork-belly one of several main course listed on the sample menu on the street corner outside of the restaurant.  I vowed to return for dinner later once I’d worked up an appetite […]

My Summer reading list

I’ve always been an avid reader. As a child I would visit the library weekly and leave with 10 books at times and I often read all of them within a week or two. Fast forward to adulthood and I struggle to complete one book within a quarter.  I often feel like I’m missing out […]